Climb Every Mountain

Since I live in the foothills and so close to forests, you’d think that I would think it’s boring or old to hang out in the forest all day. Not so! What a great day. The tour group was smaller than anticipated due to 4 people cancelling at the last minute. We drove about 1 hour to the Doi Intanon National Forest with our first stop at Vachirathan Waterfall. What an incredible site! So much power pouring from the top of the mountain. After, we went to see Siritharn Waterfall, which required us to “hike” into the forest a bit.

As we climbed higher up the mountain, we made it to a local farm where they sell fantastic fruits and vegetables, so of which I’ve never seen. Like Thai strawberries! They’re slightly red/green and have a sweet and sour taste. I bought some fresh dehydrated mangoes – YUMM!

Afterwards, we stopped at the White Karen Tribe village. They are similar to the Long Neck Karen Tribe – except for the whole long neck thing. The female tribe members used to wear white until such time as they marry. It was a status symbol for them to make beautiful white dresses. It showed their ability to care for their families and made them desirable as a spouse.

They are known for their ability to make beautiful blankets. Most take about 2 or 3 days to make, depending on the intricacy of the blanket. The one I bought took about 3 months and cost only about $75!

Finally, we made it to the highest point in Thailand. There was a beautiful alter, as well.

Last stop was the King and Queen’s pagodas. We were advised to see the King’s pagoda first, as it was far grander. But, I thought the Queen’s was far more beautiful. Can you tell which is which?

The views were spectacular from atop the mountain.

The air was cool and crisp and clean. There were far less people and everywhere we went today was calm and peaceful. Definitely the highlight of my tourism so far!

Last day of playing tourist is tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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