Chiang Mai Official

Today was my last touring day. I was told that I haven’t really visited Chiang Mai unless I visit the Doi Suthep Temple. First stop of the day was the summit overlooking Chiang Mai where the temple sits. Really beautiful in every aspect, the temple had a serene and peaceful quality to it, despite the large number of visitors. I was told by my guide that I got lucky because it wasn’t “too crowded”. I think his idea of crowded and my idea of crowded are vastly different.

We walked the grounds and took in the peacefulness of the surroundings. I was able to get some beautiful photos of the temple as we walked.

When we were on the backside of the temple, we came across a monk reciting his prayers. His voice was deep and lulling and no one else was around to hear him chant — except his dog companion, who seemed to be lulled to sleep by his voice.

Dogs really are man’s best friend.

As we left, I saw some tribal children playing together at the base of the Naga steps (the stairs that lead to the temple). Their mother was sitting close by watching them, while feeding their baby sibling. Ning, my guide, said that they are Hmong, which are a hill tribe.

Before I left, I was able to see how far we climbed to the temple. I can’t wait to show my fitness trainer, Roxanne, that I got my steps in on vacation!

Once we left, we took a quick trip to the botanical garden, where I was able to see beautiful orchids and butterflies. Anyone who knows me knows that my name means butterfly in Greek, so I’m always happy when I see those beautiful creatures.

Last stop of the day was the sticky waterfall. Apparently, it’s supposed to not be slippery and you are able to climb the hill in the water. I cannot attest to this because I did not bring a change of clothes and chose to stay dry. It was beautiful nonetheless.

Before we left the park, we saw a beautiful natural spring that has many different colors. Today, I could just see blue – but what a blue!

I feel like I got to see everything that I really wanted to see on this trip. I don’t feel like I left anything out or any part of this 2nd week was lacking in any way. Tomorrow is a much needed spa day before jumping on the plane and heading home.

Final thoughts to come!

3 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Official

  1. Glad your having such a great time. Naga is actually the snake that protected Buda during his meditation. The Naga coiled under Buda to lift him out of the water and shielded him with their head.

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